5th Annual Indie Series Awards Nominees

Nominees for the 5th Annual Indie Series Awards were revealed in a special episode of We Love Soaps TV earlier today. The ISAs celebrate the best in independently produced, scripted entertainment created for the Web.

The 5th Annual ISAs will take place on April 2 at the historic El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, hosted by Carolyn Hennesy.

Check out the complete list of nominees below:

Best Web Series - Drama
Out With Dad

Best Directing - Drama
Jonathan Robbins, Clutch
Kit Williamson, EastSiders
Jason Leaver, Out with Dad
Tina Cesa Ward, Producing Juliet
Jonathan Holbrook, STILL
Paul Awad, Thurston

Best Writing - Drama
Lisa Gifford, 3some
Michael Caruso, DeVanity
Kelsey Jorissen, The Dreamers
Sebastian La Cause, Hustling
Armando Saldanamora, Progress
Kathryn O'Sullivan, Thurston

Best Lead Actor - Drama
J. Julian Christopher, BULK
Richard Cutting, Milgram and the Fastwalkers
Peter Halpin, 3some
Van Hansis, EastSiders
Jason Kuykendall, Dark Pool
Sebastian La Cause, Hustling

Best Lead Actress - Drama
Kate Conway, Out With Dad
Sierra Hersek, Dark Pool
Alicia Minshew, Tainted Dreams
Lisa Roumain, Split
Daphne Rubin-Vega, Hustling
Colleen Zenk, Thurston

Best Supporting Actor - Drama
Andrew Glaszek, Hustling
Rob Healy, Broken at Love
Kyle Lowder, DeVanity
Gerald McCullouch, Hustling
Matthew McKelligon, EastSiders
Robert Nolan, Out With Dad

Best Supporting Actress - Drama
Jillian Clare, Clutch
Rachael Hip-Flores, Producing Juliet
Caitlynne Medrek, Out With Dad
Lindsey Middleton, Out With Dad
Sharon Washington, Hustling
Constance Wu, EastSiders

Best Guest Star - Drama
Sharon Farrell, Broken at Love
Stephen Guarino, Hustling
Traci Lords, EastSiders
Gordon Thomson, DeVanity
Charlene Tilton, DeVanity
Walt Willey, Thurston

Best Ensemble - Drama
The Bay
The Dreamers
Producing Juliet
Tainted Dreams

Best Web Series - Comedy
Pete Winning and the Pirates
Professional Friend
Twenty Five

Best Directing - Comedy
Henryk Cymerman and Tim Russ, Bloomers
Steve Silverman, Dating in the Middle Ages
Eli Gonda, Husbands
Shaun Wilson, Noirhouse
Nate Golon, My Synthesized Life
Mike Fly and Simon Fraser, Versus Valerie

Best Writing - Comedy
Rob Raffety, Andrew Heaton and Satya Thallam, Cap South
Julie A. Smith and Donna Hurst, Fumbling thru the Pieces
Brad Bell and Jane Espenson, Husbands
Jeff Parkin, Jared Cardon, Lisa Valentine Clark, Adrienne Cardon, Kacy Faulconer and Tom Quinn, Pretty Darn Funny
Eric Bilitch, Professional Friend
Liz Ellis, Courtney Meaker, Gabriel A. Carbajal and Lizzie Sivitz, Wrecked

Best Lead Actor - Comedy
Brent Bailey, My Synthesized Life
Brad Bell, Husbands
Jonathan Biver, Professional Friend
Brennan Caldwell, Twenty Five
Mike Donis, Pete Winning and the Pirates
Ron Hanks, Golden California

Best Lead Actress - Comedy
Lisa Valentine Clark, Pretty Darn Funny
Jourdan Gibson, Super Knocked Up
Bhama Roget, Wrecked
Tracy Ryerson, Kiss Her I'm Famous
Hannah Spear, Versus Valerie
Alex Trow, Twenty Five

Best Supporting Actor - Comedy
Christian Blackburn, Professional Friend
Robert Bergin, Wrecked
John Cramer, He's With Me
Cameron Cronin, DECo
Gibson Frazier, Wallflowers
Al Thompson, Entangled with You

Best Supporting Actress - Comedy
Jessica DiGiovanni, Twenty Five
Katie Gill, My Synthesized Life
Deidre Hall, Dating in the Middle Ages
Swati Kapila, Bloomers
Jessica Martin, Wrecked
Darcie Siciliano, He's With Me

Best Guest Star - Comedy
Amy Acker, Husbands
Darin Brooks, Bloomers
Carolyn Hennesy, Single Siblings
Christian LeBlanc, Fumbling thru the Pieces
Katie Leclerc, My Synthesized Life
Natalie Morales, The Ladies & The Gents

Best Ensemble - Comedy
Fumbling thru the Pieces
Nights at the Round Table

Best Makeup
Eric Kirker, Renonda Bray, Dre Lamparello and Anna Habrat, The Bay
Angelle Clarke, Bloomers
Kylie Pressley, DeVanity
Liz Goulding, Noirhouse
Michelle Laino, Proper Manors
Tara Brawley, Monik Walmsley, Joe Primeau and Lucie Cheng, Versus Valerie

Best Production Design
Lynn Malmberg, Dark Pool
Nicole Vardi, Destroy the Alpha Gammas
Michael Caruso and Barbara Caruso, DeVanity
David King, Progress
Mike Fly, Simon Fraser and Stephanie Kaliner, Versus Valerie
Natasha Diak, Gay Nerds

Best Costume Design
Mary Jo Anderson, Dating in the Middle Ages
Liz Goulding, Noirhouse
Lis de Tuerk Ghadar and Otessa Marie Ghadar, Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden
Samantha Aylsworth, Pete Winning and the Pirates
Shannon Arrant, Progress
Kathryn O'Sullivan, Thurston

Best Special Effects
Doug Drexler, Adventures of Superseven
Jeff Sinasac, Clutch
Philip Cook, Malice
Animation by Natalie Garceau, VFX by Jason Leaver and Dan Turner, Out With Dad
Daniel DeFabio and Christopher Vincelette, Super Knocked Up
Davin Lengyel, Nick Montgomery and Xerxes Cortez, Versus Valerie

Best Soundtrack
Kalup Linzy, As Da Art World Might Turn
Fernanda EspĂ­ndola, Wiley B. Oscar, Matt Palazzolo and Alex Paris, Bloomers
SIRPAUL, Hustling
Carly Rhiannon, LESlieVILLE
Adrian Ellis, Rebecca Rynsoever and Jason Leaver, Out With Dad
Scott Thomas, Professional Friend

Best Original Score
Brian "Tweex" Arnold, Abigail
Michael H. Daniel, Bennington Gothique
Adrian Ellis, Clutch
TJ Kross, Justice Woman
Aaron Tsang, Pete Winning and the Pirates
Keith Stacey, Progress

Best Cinematography
Peter Hermes, The Inn
David M. Gil, mI promise
Boa Simon, Progress
Derek Kimball and David C. Miller, Ragged Isle
Jonathan Holbrook, STILL
Daniel Gilbert, Wrecked

Best Editing
Phil Bucci, Destroy the Alpha Gammas
Nate Atcheson, Husbands
Paul Lada, Progress
Barry Dodd, Ragged Isle
Jonathan Holbrook, STILL
Nathaniel Buechler and Liz Ellis, Wrecked

Nominations By Show
9 Hustling
8 Out with Dad
7 DeVanity
7 Progress
7 Wrecked
6 Bloomers
6 EastSiders
6 Husbands
6 Thurston
5 Noirhouse
5 Professional Friend
5 Versus Valerie
4 Clutch
4 My Synthesized Life
4 Pete Winning and the Pirates
4 Twenty Five
3 3some
3 Dark Pool
3 Dating in the Middle Ages
3 Fumbling thru the Pieces
3 Producing Juliet
2 The Bay
2 Broken At Love
2 Destroy the Alpha Gammas
2 The Dreamers
2 He's With Me
2 Pretty Darn Funny
2 Ragged Isle
2 Super Knocked Up
2 Tainted Dreams
2 Wallflowers
1 Abigail
1 Adopted
1 Adventures of Superseven
1 As Da Art World Might Turn
1 Bennington Gothique
1 Cap South
1 DECo
1 Entangled with You
1 Gay Nerds
1 Golden California
1 The Inn
1 Justice Woman
1 Kiss Her I'm Famous
1 The Ladies & The Gents
1 Malice
1 mI Promise
1 Milgram and the Fastwalkers
1 Nights at the Round Table
1 Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden
1 Proper Manors
1 Single Siblings
1 Split
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