5th Annual Indie Series Awards Winners

The 5th Annual Indie Series Awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, April 2nd at the historic El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, hosted by Carolyn Hennesy. Hustling was named Best Web Series - Drama. Professional Friend took home the award for Best Web Series - Comedy.

Check out the complete list of winners below:

Best Web Series - Drama

Best Directing - Drama
Jonathan Robbins, Clutch

Best Writing - Drama
Lisa Gifford, 3some

Best Lead Actor - Drama
Peter Halpin, 3some

Best Lead Actress - Drama
Kate Conway, Out With Dad

Best Supporting Actor - Drama
Gerald McCullouch, Hustling

Best Supporting Actress - Drama
Jillian Clare, Clutch

Best Guest Star - Drama
Charlene Tilton, DeVanity

Best Ensemble - Drama

Best Web Series - Comedy
Professional Friend

Best Directing - Comedy
Mike Fly and Simon Fraser, Versus Valerie

(accepted by Stephanie Kaliner)

Best Writing - Comedy
Rob Raffety, Andrew Heaton and Satya Thallam, Cap South

(accepted by Mike Mozer)

Best Lead Actor - Comedy
Brad Bell, Husbands

Best Lead Actress - Comedy
Bhama Roget, Wrecked

Best Supporting Actor - Comedy
Christian Blackburn, Professional Friend

Best Supporting Actress - Comedy
Jessica Martin, Wrecked

Best Guest Star - Comedy
Amy Acker, Husbands

(accepted by Jane Espenson)

Best Ensemble - Comedy
Fumbling thru the Pieces

Best Makeup
Angelle Clarke, Bloomers

Best Production Design
David King, Progress

Best Costume Design
Kathryn O'Sullivan, Thurston

Best Special Effects
Philip Cook, Malice

Best Soundtrack
Scott Thomas, Professional Friend

(accepted by Sal Neslusan)

Best Original Score
Aaron Tsang, Pete Winning and the Pirates

Best Cinematography
Boa Simon, Progress

Best Editing
Phil Bucci, Destroy the Alpha Gammas

Total Awards Won by Series
3 Professional Friend
3 Progress
2 3some
2 Clutch
2 Husbands
2 Hustling
2 Wrecked
1 Bloomers
1 Cap South
1 Destroy the Alpha Gammas
1 DeVanity
1 EastSiders
1 Fumbling thru the Pieces
1 Malice
1 Out With Dad
1 Pete Winning and the Pirates
1 Thurston
1 Versus Valerie

Photo Credits: El Portal Theatre Sign: Jill Johnson, JPI Studios; Winner's Circle: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images
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