10th Annual Indie Series Awards Panel of Judges

Once the nominations were announced in 30 categories for the 10th Annual Indie Series Awards, a panel of judges reviewed and ranked the nominees and determined the winners. The ISA10 jury was comprised of former winners and nominees, along with other industry professionals and experts.

The follow esteemed panelists were judges for ISA10:

Alisha Spielmann | Ana Florit | Anne Sayre | Arbender Robinson | Barry Dodd
Bhama Roget | Brett Eichenberger | Brian Beacock | D. Brent Nelson
Darcie Siciliano | Dee Freeman | Denise Pence | Heather Provost
Jacklyn Zeman | Jason Cicci | Jill Remensnyder | Jillian Clare | Jo Weil
Judith Avers | Kate Conway | Kathryn O’Sullivan | Katie McGhie
Lindsey Middleton | Lilly Melgar | Liz Days | Martha Madison | Melissa Archer
Melissa Disney | Michael O’Leary | Michael Taylor Gray
Mike Barnett | Mike Meehan | Natalie Smyka | Nelson Aspen | Paul F. Antonelli
Paul Awad | Paul Nygro | Peter Allen Vogt | Peter Halpin | Philip Cook
Robert Hensley | Sharry Flaherty | Sylvia Batey Alcalá | Todd Flaherty
Willow Polson | Zac Titus | Zack Gold
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