Finalists Revealed for ISA12 Spotlight Award

The three finalists for the ISA12 Spotlight Award were revealed on Friday. The Spotlight Award was created by the Indie Series Awards to honor a new digital series made on a limited budget. The winner will be announced on February 2, 2022, when the nominees for the 12th Annual Indie Series Awards are revealed.

The finalists for the ISA12 Spotlight Award are:

While going through her DMs, popular social media influencer Acacia Reynolds (Suzanne Lenz) is contacted by an uncanny AI replica of herself with a warning that she is in danger and how she must save herself in this social media thriller from Writers Guild Award winner Daryn Strauss.

LOVE IN 2020
When the COVID-19 pandemic hits, 28-year-old Kenna Benjamin hates her job and is unsuccessful in love. Now human contact is banned (or at minimum, requires six feet of separation). While everyone around her has a quarantine companion, she takes to dating apps in search of meaningful connection. After a dozen FaceTime dates, a virtual booty call gone awry, and bad news about her job, Kenna learns that the only way to get through quarantine is to get comfortable with who she is. Kenna discovers it's possible to find connection amid this newfound isolation, if first she can connect with herself.

A battling, button-pushing gay couple who can't stand each other but can't afford to get divorced. The "boys" attempt to salvage their hideous relationship in therapy hell. It's a hysterical, touching, psychotic exploration of love, crashing to bits like cheap china from the Olive Garden. It's also a celebration of diversity, Little People, Transsexuals, Asians, Blacks, Whites, Jews, Closet Cases and a fluid dog.

The 12th Annual Indie Series Awards will celebrate the best in independently produced series for both 2020 and 2021 on April 7, 2022, at The Colony Theatre in Burbank, CA.
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